Thursday, January 27, 2005

No school again today

This is Lillianna's fourth day off this week because of snow.At this rate she will be in school until July! I can't imagine that the school will open for one day tomorrow so she will probably be off then too. At least I can get some shopping done then. I am planning dinner for Rich's birthday and I still don't know what I am making!! The present that I ordered for him hasn't gotten here yet and I will be so disappointed if it doesn't get here by tomorrow.

I am off to shower and brave the elements and head to the scrapbooking store. The wind is blowing the snow around but I have to get some more paper to make Kara's scrapbook. I might as well work on her book for a few hours today before going to work at 3:30pm.

This is a boring little post but between PMS and a stiff neck, this is as good as it's gonna get today!

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