Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Birthday party dilemma

Another one of my friends needs some advice. I figured, "I might as well blog about it and see what happens."
Here's the situation: Jaime's daughter Hailey will be turning 6 in a few weeks. Hailey wrote out her birthday list and to Jaime's horror, there are 18 girls on the list. Jaime had not been planning on entertaining 18 little girls and told Hailey she would agree to 10. Completely devastated, Hailey confided in her grandmother that she really wanted all 18. Jaime asked my advice.

I told her that if Hailey really couldn't scale down the list then go ahead and invite them all. Some people are bound to not be able to make it. That's just how it goes. As for the sleep-over part (oh, did I forget to mention that?)she should just invite 3 or 4 of her best friends and that's it.

What is your advice?

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