Monday, January 24, 2005

An unplanned pajama party

I knew there was a blizzard warning as I drove to job #1 at 7am on Saturday morning. Living in Massachusetts for almost 42 years gave me the knowledge that we could be in for 3 feet of snow or just a flurry. You just never know how Mother Nature is going to act. I finished job#1 at 12:30pm and drove down the road to job#2. I was supposed to work from 1pm-9:30pm and then I was scheduled for Sunday from 7am-3:30pm. Keeping in mind that there could actually be a blizzard, I packed 3 pair of underwear,jammies and a change of clothes. If it was snowy out, I was not heading home after my shift to risk life and limb in the ice only to turn around a few hours later and go back to work. Plus, Rich had said that if I drove home Saturday night then he was not letting me out Sunday morning. He rarely puts his foot down so I knew he meant it.

A few hours into my shift it began to snow. Justine,who wasn't scheduled to be in until 6:30am Sunday morning, came in at 3pm Saturday afternoon. She also came with an overnight bag.By Sunday morning it would've been dangerous to drive so she came to work while it was still safe. We had a sick call so Julie, who was on call, came in at 3pm with her overnight bag and a good supply of food in case the overnight person called in. If that happened,Julie would have to do the overnight shift too since she was the one on call.

It started to get pretty bad outside with snow drifts half way up our windows. We tried to look out but with the wind gusts it was hard to see anything but white on white. At that point the overnight person called in and Julie figured she would be alone on the 11pm-7am shift. Justine and I knew we were sleeping at work at that point so we said we would all do the shift together. The more the merrier and all that.

From 9pm until 7am it was just the three of us. I am a morning person so I was worried how I would make myself stay awake and then work my regular shift the next day. We decided we could each have 2 hours for a nap. I was the first to nap from 11:40pm-1:40am. I changed into my flannel pajama pants and t-shirt and tried to sleep. I think I got a good 30 minutes of rest in between tossing and turning. It was actually enough to keep me going.

I brushed my teeth,changed my clothes and put on my make-up. It was a brand new day for me. At this point I was starving so Julie laid out all the food she had brought:granola bars,Rice Krispie treats,grapes and a sandwich and said to help myself. I ate some grapes which tasted like little green sour apples. They were delicious. Justine's nap ended at 6:00am and she was proud of herself because she woke up without us waking her up. Yay,Justine. I must add that Justine looked adorable in her cow slippers.

In spite of the fact that the three of us worked for 24 hours with just a short break to rest,we really worked well together and made what could have been a horrible situation into something that turned out to be kind of fun afterall. So, thank you to my pajama buddies, Julie and Justine. I enjoyed being snowed in with you!!

Did you ever have to sleep at work due to bad weather?

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