Friday, January 14, 2005

Harry's punishment

On the news this morning, I learned that Prince Charles has ordered Harry to go to Auschwitz as a punishment for his poor taste in costume. It didn't say what Harry has to do once he gets there. I would like more details.

Sarah Ferguson, who until today I have liked, said that Harry has learned his lesson and that the Jewish groups in Britain have forgiven him so we should just get over it. I believe she said, Harry needs a break. A break? Ya mean like, cut the boy some slack, man? Did anyone hold a gun to his head and force him to dress like a Nazi? A Nazi!!!! He didn't go as Superman or a pimp. He chose to dress as a killer who enjoyed wiping out the Jewish people.

When I lived on Kibbutz Eyal, one of the products we made were lenses for glasses.
Many of the volunteers worked in the lens factory. One kibbutz member was a man named "E". He had been a small child during the holocaust and his whole family had been killed. He had a number tattooed on his arm which always gave me the chills.He was a quiet and very nice man.

One day, an English volunteer who had been working next to "E" decided to put a swastika instead of a check mark on the lenses that passed inspection. So there they were, a box of lenses, all with swastikas on them! The volunteer leader came to the factory,made the volunteer apologize and then escorted the boy back to his room, helped him pack, and took him to the airport.

The volunteer leader yelled,"Do you understand what you did? Do you? "E" barely survived the holocaust. His whole family was killed. How could you work next to this man and do such a thing? We want you out of the country!" He was packed up and at the airport within a couple of hours. Done! There is no tolerance for this kind of behavior!

So Auntie Sarah, giving Harry a break is out of the question! Nice to know you approve of this kind of behavior!

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