Saturday, January 22, 2005

My husband, the super hero

Thursday was just not a great day for me. I only had a few hours to do what I needed to do before I picked Lillianna up from school,dropped her at my friend Janet's house and went to work.I was in one of my trash bag moods which is where I go through the house with a big garbage bag and throw away just about everything that's not nailed down!

So there I was frantically tossing every bit of debris in the trash when the phone rang at 12:00pm. It was the school nurse telling me that when Lillianna went out for recess she got snow inside her boots and now her tights were wet and her feet were freezing. Lillianna got on the phone to confirm the frozen toes and to beg me to bring up a new pair of tights for her. I was showered but not dressed and I was supposed to have 1 1/2 hours left before I had to pick her up from school. I hate to go skipping down Selfish Road but I have so very little time to myself and now I have to cut into my cleaning time, get dressed and run up to school.

Wanting to be a good mom but feeling very put upon, I agreed to bring her tights up.
I threw on my clothes and sneakers and ran out the door without make-up. I had to plod through a huge snowbank to get to the car. I was not happy when I realized my sneakers were wet. I have been driving my Mom's car for the past week just to keep it in good working order since she is in Florida. I got in the car, tights in hand and started the car. It wouldn't turn over. I tried again. Nothing. I tried again. No luck.

I looked over at Rich's snow covered car and thought, "Ok, well I guess I will have to dig that car out!" I had told Rich to drive my car that day since I had my mother's car. I started the car and began to brush off the snow. It was slow going so I got back in to put on the defrosters.That's when I noticed the big old E telling me that the gas tank was empty.Empty!! That was it. I had had quite enough. I called Rich on his cell phone and had a melt down. I rambled incoherently about the gas gauge being below E, how was I going to make it to school without running out of gas?........What was I supposed to do?

Rich tried to calm me down and finally told me I would have enough gas to get to school but I would have to get gas after that. That would be great except I don't pump my own gas! Ya, ya, that sounds pitiful but that's the way it is,folks,sorry I am not a hip and happening woman.Big disappointment, I am sure. So now Rich is telling me that if I just pop the trunk and jiggle a few wires, that'll pop the gas tank when I pump my own gas. In my head it sounded like....blah,blah, are so screwed...blah,blah,blah!

Finally I shouted something like, "That's it! I've had enough!" and I hung up the cell phone and stomped upstairs, still clutching the tights. I called the school to tell them the car wouldn't start and to please explain to my child with the frozen toes that I was sorry and couldn't bring up the tights.Meanwhile I ignored the ringing cell phone like the bitchy wife that I was and I began to stress about what I would do next. Call Janet and tell her I couldn't bring Lillianna over? Call in sick for work because how the heck was I going to get there with no car?

I finally decided to answer the phone. Rich asked sweetly, "Would you like me to come home and bring you your car? Then I can take mine back to work." Was my husband offering a solution? Could this overwhelming problem actually be solved? "Ok," I sniffled. He was home in 30 minutes. I gave him a great big hug and thanked him for coming home. He noticed the 3 trash bags in the living room and asked, "Are you sure you really needed the car or did you get me home just to take out the trash?" That just made me laugh and once again I thanked G-d for granting the wish I made long ago. I wanted to marry someone with a good sense of humor.

Rich was a super hero in my eyes. He was kind and compassionate and he rescued me from a difficult situation.I got overwhelmed by how much I had to do and then because of the car problem I couldn't even bring Lillianna a dry pair of tights.

So,thank you to my dear husband who didn't yell at me even though he probably wanted to. You're the best husband ever!

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