Monday, January 31, 2005

The belated present

I was so upset that Rich's present didn't arrive on time for his birthday last Friday but he got it today! Even though I ended up telling him what I had ordered for him, he was still surprised when he opened it up.
Rich is a huge fan of George Custer so I ordered him a t-shirt with Custer's personal flag on it and under the flag it says:

U.S. 7th Cavalry
Little Bighorn Battlefield, Montana

I also got him Custer's flag. It was larger than I thought it would be.Rich is toying with the idea of putting it on his car antenna. He thought this was a pretty cool gift!

You have to understand Rich and his....give me another word for obsession.....fascination with George Custer. He knows everything about this man. I admit that we have a huge portrait of George hanging in our living room. When Lillianna was 3 years old she admitted she had always thought George was a member of our family. He had the biggest picture in the house,what was she supposed to think?

So all in all, Rich's birthday present was a success.

What fun birthday gifts have you bought for your spouse?

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