Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Lillianna's 2nd post

Today I took a shower. When I stopped the water I waited patiently. Mom was sneaky. She was as quiet as a mouse. She opened the shower curtin and said,"Boo" AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
She made me jump. I said,"That that was a good one Mommy" Then she took out the linty towel, "Not that one!" I yelled."Yes, that one." She stared drying me off but then she said,"I will have Daddy wash this one." So she got my cute little baby towel. Then I asked her,"What noise should I make?" She said I had to oink. I said, "Can I quack instead?" "Sure." Then she said that I sounded like a duck with a cold that needed nose spray. I just laughed. She brushed out my hair and then I said that I wanted to write about her so it all leads up to here.
The End

What funny things do you do with your children?

You can read Lillianna's first post here.

{A note from Mommy the editor. I did correct Lillianna's spelling on some words and helped her with the quotations which she is learning in school. As for me using a linty towel to dry her with.....this is a new Strawberry Shortcake hooded towel that for some reason leaves white threads all over her. We're still working on correcting this lint problem!}

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