Sunday, January 09, 2005


Last night I was supposed to work until 9:30pm but I had a lot to do at home before I went to sleep. I asked if I could leave at 9:00pm if it wasn't busy. Luckily that was possible. Normally by the time I pack up my things,get organized enough to leave,warm up the car and drive 30 minutes back home, I arrive around 10:20pm. Last night I arrived home at 9:45pm.

I wrapped a birthday present for a party that Lillianna is going to today. (Happy 6th Birthday, Marisa!!) I chatted briefly with Rich. Then I took the phone and was just about to put it back on the charger when it rang in my hand. It was 9:55pm: a time I am never home on a Saturday night. Who would call me at this hour? I answered quickly so that Lillianna wouldn't wake up. I was surprised to hear my best friend Liane's voice on the other end of the phone.

She called me the other day but I had just stepped into the shower and missed the call. I was so frustrated. She is 10 hours ahead of us and the timing is always tricky. I couldn't believe my good luck. It must have been fate that I asked to leave early. In between talking to Liane, I got to talk to her 5 year old twins, Kayleigh and Brian. Brian talked first and I asked him questions about his bike and painting and he babbled on and on. Then I asked, "Did you know it was snowing here?" He gasped, "Snowing? I have to tell my mom!"
Then I heard him yelling for Liane. When she got on the phone she laughed and said, "Brian wants to know if it is snowing right now?" I said it was calm at the moment but it had been snowing and sleeting during the day. He seemed astonished with this news and he made me laugh.

A while later,Kayleigh got on the phone. She is a cutie pie chatter box and didn't need any prompting from me. She told me all about her painting and how Brian was frustrated because he wanted his painting to be exactly like her painting and that Mommy was helping him fix a mistake. I told her Lillianna was asleep because it was late at night for us. "Really?? It's morning here," she exclaimed. I was just about to explain why that was when she continued on, "That's because the globe is always turning...." and she rambled on about that. I could make out some of what she said but not all. At that age is easier to understand kids in person especially when you don't see them that often. She just cracked me up. I miss those kids, I really do.

Liane and I talked about so many things. I hate having her far away for another 2 years but I am so grateful for those phone calls that keep us connected. I am also thankful for the role fate played in my being home when her call arrived.

When has fate played a part in your life?

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