Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Donny or David......Who did you love in the 70s?

If you are asking yourself, "Donny or David who,then you are way too young and will not be interested in this post at all. For you lovely mature women,like me, you know I am referring to Donny Osmond and David Cassidy. It was kind of one or the other in those days. I never met anyone who was a fan of both.Donny drew the sweet and innocent girls to him while David's fans were more wild and rebellious.

Big surprise coming at ya.......I was a Donny Osmond fan. Ya,ya,groan all you want. I thought he was the perfect boy next door although technically he was a Mormon in Utah.To this Jewish girl,he was the kind of boy who would understand me, you know, when we started dating and all. He wouldn't do "bad" things because he was religious and he was a gentleman.

Now David Cassidy......just look at his long shag haircut and his carefree way with girls. He went from one girl to the other. He was not the boy for me. Ok, I liked the Partridge Family tunes but I didn't dig David. No sir, I sure didn't.

Several years ago, Donny insulted Rosie O'Donnell on her talk show. He basically made a rude fat comment. I suppose that's redundant since there are no flattering fat comments, are there? Then on another show, Marie Osmond came on and commented about what Donny had said. Marie confessed that Donny had made fun of her when they were younger and she had gained some weight. On this same show, Donny showed up in a dog suit and sang "Puppy Love" to Rosie. Too late. By then I had already realized Donny was a big phony and he really didn't care about people's feelings. He wasn't the sweet boy I had thought he was.

So when Rich told me that Donny will be at the local Wal-Mart signing his book next week I had to laugh. Donny Osmond at Wal-Mart. Poetic justice. That's about what he deserves.

Who were you a fan of? Donny or David?

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