Friday, December 31, 2004

Family time

Rich and I often complain about our lack of family time.Since I work every weekend, the time usually reserved for families is just unavailable to us. This week was Rich's vacation so we tried to spend some quality time together. Today we went bowling.

Every now and then Rich will take Lillianna bowling on a weekend but we have never gone just the 3 of us. I generally don't love bowling. I'm not sure why but it's the last thing on my list when it comes to enjoyment. Lillianna LOVES to bowl, and she's darn good at it too.

When we entered the dark bowling alley, cosmic bowling was already in progress. Thank god I hadn't had any recent bouts with vertigo because the strobe lights would've caused me to fall on the floor. The hip-hop/rap music wasn't too deafening but the lights did throw me off when I got to the line to roll the ball. After the second string the lights went back on and cosmic bowling had ended. Rich and I looked at each other and I said, "Wow! That is so much better. Now I can see!" We decided to bowl 2 more strings now that our vision had returned to normal.

Considering I never liked bowling, we had the most wonderful time. We bowled for 2 hours. We laughed,hugged and joked with each other. It was such a relaxing time for us. We each won one string. (One string we messed up because of Rich's strike so he probably won that one too but we didn't count it.) Lillianna beat us both in the last string and we were so proud of her.

This was so much fun. I hope we can find ways to spend more family time in the future.

How does your family have fun together?

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