Sunday, December 26, 2004

A nice surprise

Christmas Eve was wonderful as it always is at Debby and Mark's house.(More on this later.) Lillianna got so many wonderful presents.It was overwhelming.In addition to the dolls and other toys,Debby bought Lillianna a beautiful,sparkling,floor length Christmas dress.I thought I was going to burst into tears.I asked Lil if she wanted to try it on so Debby could see it. She agreed but once it was on she wouldn't take it off! She looked like a princess which is the look Debby said she was going for when she bought it.Lillianna twirled and whirled so that her dress whipped around. She loved that.

Lillianna thanked everyone for her gifts and she was so appreciative of what she received. My friend,Kristy, (that's Auntie Kristy to Lillianna)made her a long sleeved flannel nightgown with ruffles for Samantha, her American Girl Doll. Lillianna looked at it in awe.

"Mom, do you know how special this is? I bet it took Auntie Kristy a long time to make it for me," she said as she hugged the nightgown to her chest.

Christmas morning, Lillianna woke us at 6:00am to open her presents that were under the tree. We didn't buy an excessive amount but she had some really nice gifts under there. She was overjoyed with each one.I left her to play while I started to prepare our annual Christmas breakfast. Kristy and Jerry were coming at 10:00am so I wanted to start the bacon and hash browns early so that I wouldn't have much to do when they got there.

A few minutes later Lillianna came into the kitchen and looked at me.

"Hi, honey," I said looking at my very solemn child.

"Thank you so much for all my presents, Mom. I really love them."

My heart melted.Where on Earth did this precious child come from?

"You are so welcome," I said as I hugged her tightly.Then she went off to play.A few seconds later Rich came into the kitchen.

"Do you know how we know that we have a great child? Because she thanked us for her gifts," he said. I just nodded. Lillianna leaves me speechless quite often.

What surprising thing did your child say this holiday season?

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