Friday, December 24, 2004


While driving around doing last minute shopping today, I saw two disturbing signs.
The first one was in front of a furniture store. The sign read, "Free Delivary."For those of you who know me well, you must realize how hard it was for me to just keep on driving. As a hater of misspelled words, I should have marched into the store, demanded to see the manager and said, "I know I'm not Vanna White but I'd like to buy an "E" please." Then I would've handed it back to him and said, "Now please change your "A" to an "E" and I can continue on my merry way."
If you suck at spelling, that's ok, but don't post your ignorance for all to see. I would definitely not shop in a store with spelling mistakes on their signs.

The second sign that I found disturbing was at a pool store. (This is not the same one Rich works for, by the way.) The sign said, "Three person hot tubs." That made me think. A two person hot tub would be for you and your significant other.....quiet, intimate, romantic....I understand that.
A four person hot tub would be for two couples....nothing inappropriate (I have to live in denial, thank you,) maybe 4 people just want to relax and chat.
A three person hot tub????? Kinky is the only word that popped into my head when I saw this.

What would you think?

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