Friday, December 17, 2004

Teenage memories

Last week my co-workers and I were chatting about something I hadn't thought about in over 20 years: sitting and waiting for a boy to call but acting like you didn't care. That's really quite an art!

Justine said she would cue up her stereo so that it would play a really "cool" song when her boyfriend (now husband) would call. As soon as the phone would ring she would crank up the volume and yell,"Hello?" into the phone, thus giving the illusion that she was busy having fun listening to great music and definitely not waiting around for him to call.
MaryJo and I agreed that we did the exact same thing.
I used to go one step further and make sure I was at the other end of the house but I kept my phone right in the hall where I could hear it. When it rang, I ran to my bedroom and gasping for air, I answered in a breathy and surprised voice, "Hello?" That let the caller know I was busy doing something important and I was absolutely not waiting for his call!

How did you pretend you weren't waiting for that special someone to call?

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