Monday, August 02, 2004

Judge Judy

Ya, ya, I know. I watch way too much of these judge shows.

This episode of Judge Judy made me want to pull my hair out and run screaming from the house. Twin sisters from Quincy, Massachusetts were on. (For those of you not from our dear state of Massachusetts, think Boston accent, when you read what these lovely women have said.)

Twin A was suing Twin B for using her information to set up a cell phone account. After every question that Judge Judy asked, Twin A would say, "Well, ta the best of my recollection (pronounced: reck-CUE-lec-shin)......" I absolutely cringe when I hear people use the wrong word and/or mispronounce it. If you don't know how to say it use another word. It's ok, really! The idea is to just get your point across.

So, getting back to this episode, Twin B was standing with her boyfriend. At some point Judge Judy asked the boyfriend if he had any children. He said he had one. JJ asked, "With Twin A of Twin B?" pause....pause....pause...."Oh, uhm.....wit' Twin B." JJ almost fell off her bench. "WHY DID IT TAKE YOU SO LONG TO ANSWER THAT QUESTION, SIR?" Then she asked how old the child was and he said she was 10 years old. JJ asked, "Why aren't you married?" to which Twin B replied, "Uhm, well, we nevah really thought of that." JJ began to sputter. "WHADDAYAMEAN YOU NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT? DO YOU HAVE PARENTS? ARE THEY MARRIED?"

Twin B said her parents had been married "...fa like 50 yeahs...or like 45...somethin'like that." JJ bellowed, "So you understand that couples get married, right? Why aren't you married, then?" The boyfriend said, "We're just not ready. It's too big of a commitment." JJ said thoughtfully, "Oh so then having a child is just like having a pet goldfish?" Twin B said, "Ya, ya have a point."

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