Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Big butted dolls

Lillianna is the proud mommy of Samantha who is an American Girl Doll. Lillianna takes good care of Samantha and she loves her very much. So today when we went to Wally-World to get Rich his underwear and belt I decided to get Samantha some clothes.

For those of you who don't own an American Girl Doll, they have big rounded butts! This is probably to force you to buy clothes exclusively through their online store. Last year my sister bought Samantha an outfit from Wally-World for much less than it costs through American Girl and Lillianna loved it.

We ended up buying 2 cute outfits for Samantha, 1 pajama set with bathrobe, slippers and a puppy and 1 pant and skirt set with shirt,vest,pink baseball cap and big black boots. The pajama set is perfect. No problems at all. The 2nd set, (please pass the aspirin.... thank you!)was not as wonderful. The pink pants go up her legs easily enough but her gigantic round butt won't allow the waistband to actually reach her waist!(Nice plan American Girl, nice plan!) Her butt hangs out! The blouse is ok and then there is a short skirt that is shown worn over the pants (styles, nowadays...go figure!)so her exposed butt is covered. Now the boots....18 minutes later and I got one boot on. The other boot was impossible. I finally gave up. After a few minutes I cut a slit down each rubber boot and squeezed them on her feet. Voila! I did it!

So beware if you are in Wally-World and you see Tolly Girl dolls.(I just searched their web site and can't find a listing for them!) The clothes may or may not fit your American Girl Doll. Only buy stretchy clothes and not form fitting clothes. Your precious doll may risk butt exposure.

Does your child own an American Girl Doll?

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