Saturday, August 28, 2004

I like my daughter

I guess that title is rather odd to some but let me explain. Of course I LOVE Lillianna, that goes without saying but I really LIKE her. If I were 6 1/2 years old I would want to be her friend. She is funny,polite,caring, energetic and enthusiastic. She is kind to young and old. She has a very loving heart.

When Liane was visiting with Kayleigh and Brian, Lillianna tried to comfort them when they became upset with something. One time Kayleigh stomped off when we were outside and Lillianna ran after her. Whatever she said worked because she held Kayleigh's hand and walked her back to where we were.

If I am at the computer or in the kitchen, Lillianna will walk in and hug and kiss me and say "I just love you, Mommy." I usually have to reach for a few tissues after that.

In 2001 and 2002 when Lillianna was in private nursery school and then pre-kindergarten she had 2 best friends, Mollie and Kasey. If Kasey's mom, Jill, was late picking her up, Lillianna and Mollie refused to leave. "No, Mommy. We have to wait til Jill comes, " both girls would say. Then the 3 of them would stand at the window until Jill pulled up.

One morning, in their second year, Mollie was having a hard time walking from the vestibule inside the building up the stairs to the classroom. She wanted her mom to walk her up but the teachers had encouraged Amy to leave and let her go up alone. She was crying hysterically. Just then Jill and I came in with our daughters. Without either of us saying a word, Kasey silently reached for Mollie's hand and guided her up the stairs while Lillianna walked behind her rubbing her back. Mollie immediately stopped crying and went willingly with her friends. I sobbed all the way to the car and then called Amy on her cell phone to tell her what had happened. Our girls were only 5 years old at the time. How did they learn such love and compassion?

I am lucky that Lillianna has such caring friends and that she is a caring friend. If I were her age I would definitely choose her for my best friend.

What qualities do you admire most in your child/children?

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