Saturday, August 21, 2004

A, B,Cs

Helene wrote the abcs on her blog and challenged others to do the same. Here is my list.

A- Anyone who says marriage is easy, isn't married!

B- Bubblegum snapping drives me insane. UGH, What a sound.

C- Cotton candy jellybeans are my favorite jellybeans. (Who didn't know that?)

D- During my labor I hallucinated about blue and white ceramic cereal bowls being stacked one on top of another.

E- Evan(my cousin) was a great magician and a wonderful role model to all who knew him.

F- Falafel is delicious and I miss it! I craved it all during my pregnancy and threatened to fly to Israel to get some if Rich didn't find a middle eastern restaurant for me.

G- Getting dressed up in a beautiful dress, Easter bonnet, white patent leather shoes , matching pocket book and lace gloves was what I missed most about growing up Jewish.

H- Holiday hangers on my front door are my newest trend. I hope to have every holiday soon.

I- Israel is the place I miss most and the place I dream about frequently.

J- Jellybeans are not only delicious to eat but they make me happy just to look at them.Except the Harry Potter beans...those are just gross (ear wax,grass,vomit....come on now!)

K- Kara, my darling sister, was my birthday wish for many years. All I wanted was a sister!

L- Lillianna Rose is my favorite name in the entire world. (I love you pumpkin)

M- My husband, Rich, is a great husband and father even though sometimes we drive each other insane.

N- Never say "axed" when you mean to say "asked" because I will think you are the biggest moron on this planet!

O- Ostrich meat is sold in our local supermarket and I gag everytime I see it.

P- Pumpkin Wumpkin is my pet name for Lillianna. We have a song about it.

Q- Quisp was a really yummy cereal back in the olden days.

R- Robin is a name I have always hated and a name my mother has always loved. Just my luck!

S- Suddenly Susan was not a funny tv show......nope, it sure wasn't.

T- Tintinnabulation is one of my favorite words.

U- Under most circumstances I am incredibly impatient and although I have tried to work on this over the years, there has been no progress!

V- Violets make me sneeze and give me a migraine. I do think they are pretty, though.

W- Winters in Massachusetts SUCK!!!!! No wonder mom goes to Florida for 6 months.

X- Xmas is an abbreviation I will never understand. Cross-mas? Ex-mas? What is it?

Y- Yonder and hither are words that should be brought back into everyday language cuz they make me laugh!

Z- Zoom was a tv show that I auditioned for when I was 11 years old. Sadly I didn't make it. (write ZOOM Z- double O-M Box 350 Boston Ma 0-2-1-3-4 send it to Zoom! Remember that?) Ya, well I wasn't on that show!

What are your abcs?

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