Sunday, August 29, 2004

A new national holiday

I have always thought it was odd that whenever an airline pilot lands a plane safely, all the passengers clap. I have never been on a flight where this hasn't happened. (Ok Bobbi said she has never seen this before but Bobbi and I have never flown together so I can't back that up.) The pilot is just doing his job and he gets a round of applause.APPLAUSE! Other than being a performer on stage or screen there isn't any other career that I can think of where people clap for you.

That got me thinking about what would happen if this really did occur in my daily life.
I would be at the ophthalmology practice where I work performing all the testing needed for an eye exam. After the refraction for glasses, glaucoma check and dilation were completed, the patient would slowly rise from the exam chair, tears in her eyes (possibly from the stinging fluorescein drop I put in to check the pressure or maybe from being moved by my phenomenal skill, who knows for sure?) and just clap for me. "Bravo! Bravo! What an excellent refraction! This was a wonderful exam. Bravo!" I would then bow graciously before I took her back to the waiting room.
How crazy would that be?

Or maybe all my rushing around in the morning would be rewarded. As Rich runs by me on his way to grabbing his lunch box for work he would stop in mid step and look at me in awe. "You made the greatest ham and cheese sandwich I have ever seen. Thank you for this wonderful lunch." He would then put down the lunch box to gave me a standing ovation. Lillianna would run into the room and say, "Way to go Mom! You rock!" and she would clap too. Again, I would bow graciously.

So I have declared that Wednesday, September 1st will be TREAT EVERYONE LIKE AN AIRLINE PILOT DAY. Clap for people who are just doing their job. They don't have to go "above and beyond" they just have to do what they are supposed to. Don't smirk and sarcastically clap and say, "Yay....nice job," as you roll your eyes at them. The point is not to make someone's day worse. It's to make them think and laugh. Just picturing this makes me laugh. What I want you all to do is to try this on Wednesday, even if it's just one person who you clap for: your dry cleaner, co-worker, Dunkin' Donuts person,toll booth collector, hairdresser....whoever. Then come back here and tell me how it turned out. It's perfectly acceptable to tell them why you are clapping so that they don't think you are a big jerk.

Come on. Let's have some fun. Anybody with me?

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