Friday, August 20, 2004

Cleaning Update.

Well, I eventually got around to cleaning today although it was more overwhelming than I expected. I threw away 4, yes 4 trash bags full of stuff that I didn't need and/or didn't know I even still had! That's pretty sad. We have only lived here 17 months and before we moved here we rented a dumpster and threw away just about everything we didn't need. So how did I still end up with so much junk?

Not too long ago my mom gave me a bag of cards and telegrams from people congratulating my parents on my birth in 1963(yikes!) and my sister's birth in 1974. I will never throw those away. They are always fun to look at.

How often do you clean out all your old stuff? What have you held on to for years and will never throw away?

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