Monday, August 30, 2004

SunnyK.......You gotta check her out!

Kelly Gibbons is a very talented artist. I found her when I was reading Angela's blog,(who happens to be a DotMom) Amusings From The Express Lane. I saw that Kelly had illustrated One Young Parent which is a website that Angela hosts for teen parents. I thought that picture was so appropriate for making young teens feel like a family. I had to learn more about Kelly so I followed a path that took me to the blog of another DotMom, Shelley , who was the author of Generation Xhausted. What a surprise. Kelly illustrated her book too.
I immediately went to Kelly's website and read all her wonderfully funny SunnyK comics. Her name says it all. She tries to see the sunny side of every situation. She is somewhat like Cathy except she doesn't make you want to eat a hot fudge sundae when you are done reading it. I always thought Cathy was the female Ziggy where everything always went wrong and even if it did go right, wrong was just around the corner!

SunnyK is a comic that just makes you feel happy and hopeful because life can be funny if you know where to look. Kelly definitely has the road map to humor! Take the time to read through her archives for some good old fashioned laughter. Here is a quick peak at one of my favorites. The Easter one just cracks me up.

If you like SunnyK then check out her website and order a cool t-shirt, mug or mousepad with SunnyK on it. I will be doing some shopping there myself. If SunnyK doesn't make you smile, nothing will.

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