Sunday, August 29, 2004

Blank minds shouldn't blog!

I started this blog because I have a lot to say. Sometimes I ramble on about nothing in particular but other times I think I come up with some thought provoking topics.
Read about the scandalous wench who stole posts from Tequila Mockingbird and claimed them as her own. Stole them! What kind of whack job steals posts from another blog?

Here's my 2 cents on the subject. If you don't have anything to say then don't start a blog. I encourage blogging because it helps relieve stress and tension. Of course, so does a day at the local spa but I can't afford that. Even if all you write is "MMMM...corn good!" or "Woke up today" that's fine. It's not interesting to others but blogging is all about you and what makes you tick. Copying someone else's work and saying, "Look how great a writer I am. Read my blog! I am so witty and funny. Let me 'wow' you" is cheating, lying and stealing. You can't take credit if you didn't do the work! And apparently in the blogging world it is against the law.

If you are ever reading a blog and you suddenly think, "Hmmm, this sounds vaguely familiar" then check it out and if it's true then report it to the original author.
There is a world wide web of blogging out here.......don't be a thief. Just use your own creativity and write down your own thoughts.

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