Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Good old school days

We all have the list of school supplies and we are all complaining about how much we have to buy. It's ridiculous! If everyone in Lillianna's class brings in 8 glue sticks, thats 200 glue sticks for the year. What the heck is their art project this year? Fly paper?

My question is this: What ever happened to good old paste? Remember the big tub of paste that the teacher reached into with a large wooden tongue depressor and then slapped a glob of paste into a little cup for each student? Ahhhhhh....that delicious minty smell that seemed to call our name.
And there was always that one kid in class that had to eat the paste. In my school his name was Neil Fitzgibbons. The big goofy kid who ate the paste!

Do you remember school paste? Do you remember who used to eat the paste in class? Was it you?

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