Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My mother's day resolution

Every January 1st, I make one New Year's resolution. I try to make it something reasonable because otherwise,I will just set myself up to fail.

This morning I decided to straighten things up a bit so that when we come home tonight,we won't be walking in to a mess. Rich cleaned up this weekend but this morning I threw dishes in the sink that I didn't wash until 1pm. I finally put the laundry away and I cleaned the bathroom.

The New Year's resolution that I made last year that I had trouble keeping was "clean up as I go along." Messy + busy= disaster. I run through this place like a tornado sometimes,rushing from one activity to the other. I throw things and let them fall where they may as I dash out the door again. When I return,it looks like the apartment was burglarized.

After I cleaned today,I looked around and thought,"Hey,that wasn't so bad!" I decided to make a Mother's Day resolution to be a neater and more organized mom. I'm going to do my best to keep this.

What mom resolution would you make this Mother's Day?

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