Monday, May 15, 2006

The Brownie autograph book

Today was Lillianna's last Brownie troop meeting. The girls make an autograph book on the last day and everyone signs it. Four of the girls are moving on to Girl Scouts next year and Lillianna will be joining a Brownie troop in our own town instead of the one that is two towns away.

I opened her autograph book to see what her friends wrote and on the first page one of the girls wrote:

I will miss you because you have been nice to me and have never been mean to me.

That broke my heart. It makes it sound like people have not been nice to her and if that's true,it is too painful to think about.She is only 9 years old.

I showed this to one of the troop leaders and told her who wrote it and she said,"Yes,she has had a very hard life. She has really been through a lot."
I don't know all the details but this really broke my heart.

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