Monday, May 29, 2006

Wishful thinking

Lillianna was looking through the huge Rubbermaid storage container in my room today,to find her summer clothes. I decided to look through my drawers to see if I could find my denim shorts from many years ago. I did and they fit. They're a bit big but they're fine. I was feeling pretty good. There was a lot of room in the legs. Last year I squeezed into them and there was no room at all in the legs. This was definitely an improvement.

While I was pulling things out of the drawers, I found a black and white dress that looked familiar but I couldn't place it.I checked the label and it say "L." Ok,well a large was probably a size 18 in plus sizes,right? That seemed reasonable.

Feeling lucky,I went into the bathroom and tried it on. It was a bit tricky but I got into it. Sadly the front didn't button.It didn't even come close to buttoning. I sighed and tried to take it off. After a few wiggles,I realized I was stuck. I called for Lillianna and explained the situation. She tried to pull it over my head. No luck. My wishful thinking got me permanently stuck in a dress. This wasn't supposed to happen!

Like an escape artist trying to get out of a straight jacket,I repositioned my shoulders,wiggled and turned with a few quick moves and....VOILA.....I was out. I breathed a sigh of relief. My next option would've been to cut myself out of the dress. I loved that dress. I didn't want to destroy it!

I stood there holding the dress and tried to remember when and where I had bought it. It finally came to me. I had to laugh. I bought it about 13 or 14 years ago,before I met Rich. I remember trying it on in the dressing room and loving it. I paraded around the house in it. It made me feel so cute and sassy.

The store I bought it in was a hip and happening trendy store for young women. Well,I was a young woman back then! The size "L" probably was a size 12!! I'm getting closer but I am nowhere near that size yet. I've got another 50 pounds to go before I can wear that but believe me, I'm going to wear that dress again!! I'll let you know when that happens. There might even be a picture!

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