Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Not a good morning

This morning was not my best morning.

#1.....Lillianna "forgot" to read for 20 minutes yesterday which is part of her daily homework and has been since September. If she doesn't bring in a reading slip signed by me with how many minutes she read for,she has to sit at her desk with her head down and lose 5 minutes of recess.

When she realized this,she went crazy. She threw a tantrum and then blamed me and Rich because we didn't "let" her read. Uhm,well...she had 3 1/2 hours to do this while she was at my Mom's house yesterday and another 2 hours once she came home.She reminded Rich at 9pm that she had to read.

Long story short:my morning started out with hysteria! Not the way I wanted to begin my day.

#2......I wanted to walk Lillianna to school today to calm her down and to get my 30 minute walk in before heading to the gym to work on the Nautilus equipment. Her tantrum took longer than I had thought so when we got to school,it was a ghost town. A tumbleweed greeted us at the crossing guard. Crap! We were late. I brought Lillianna into the office and they gave her a late pass. I walked back home.

#3......I walked up to the gym after breakfast. I remembered how to use the ab cruncher but I wasn't sure about the rest of the stuff. I went downstairs to the office and asked if someone could come up and review the equipment with me. No one can help me until Monday. I walked back home.

I will walk another 30 minutes when I get Lillianna this afternoon but I felt like a loser and that I wasted my time.

#4.....I called my mechanic because my engine light is back on even though they cleared it last week. It will cost over $300 to have it fixed. I have to have it done.

I want to cry or eat something but since I don't binge eat anymore,I have no way to vent my frustration and sadness. Oh,Chinese food,where are you when I need you?

I hope this day gets better!!

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