Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Shopping trip update

Well,I did it. I shopped 'til I dropped! Lillianna sat patiently in the dressing room while I tried on clothes,got more,tried on more,got more again and tried those on.It took two hours!!

I bought 2 bras,which thrilled me! I have been buying my bras in Lady Grace for years since no regular store carries the size I need. It's sad.....really it is. Today I felt normal for the first time in a long time just because I could buy my bras off the rack!

I also bought 2 cute shirts.They're the ones that are supposed to be worn wrinkled. Lillianna asked me how I was going to fight the urge to iron them. I'm not sure about that but I think I can do it. They look good wrinkled.

I bought 2 pairs of jeans;one long and one capris....or is it capri? Well,whatever. You know what I mean. I also bought 3 pants that were all the same style. Although I won't say what size they were,I will say that they are a size I haven't worn in 13 years. I think the pants I wore to pick Rich up at the airport in October 1993 were the same size and I haven't been that size since! I'll admit they are a tiny bit snug but the next size up were way too baggy and Lillianna gave me a look as she tugged at the excess material and shook her head. So,I bought the smaller size. I think if I lose 3-5 more pounds they'll be perfect.

So,that was my shopping trip. I feel happy and proud. Lillianna hugged me and her hands got all the way around me. Whenever she hugs me and almost touches her hand she says,"You're getting there." Today,I got there.

While I was heating up dinner in the kitchen she said,"You know,Mom,I'm really proud of you for doing so well and losing the weight." We focus on the fact that I am much healthier now because of the way I eat and exercise and I will never go back to my unhealthy ways. All in all,today was a very tiring but wonderful day.

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