Thursday, May 04, 2006

Curlers in your hair......shame on you!

Is there anyone old enough to remember that commercial? I'm not even sure what they were advertising....maybe it was Lilt home perm? Anyway,for Lillianna's first dance recital,five years ago,I curled her hair. I did the same thing for her 2nd recital. The past two years she has put her foot down and said she wanted it straight. I held off on the curlers because I am a mom who listens to her child...until this year.

Lillianna will have her formal recital portrait taken at dancing school tomorrow.She is now sitting on my bed in her baby doll pajamas,munching on a chocolate rice cake, and all I can see are the big pink curlers in her hair. She looks adorable!

Tonight will be a lumpy sleep for her but I guess that's the price of beauty,right?

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