Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Rewarding negative behavior

I never do it! I don't believe in giving Lillianna a "treat" of any kind when she misbehaves. I don't coax her into behaving properly with promises like,"If you stop crying,I'll buy you __________,"(fill in the blank) or, "If you pick up your toys,I'll make you an ice cream sundae." If I ask her to do something then she needs to do it. There is no negotiating.

If she is behaving badly,I usually threaten to take something away: her next Brownie meeting, her next dance lesson,a birthday party or her favorite show.This has never failed in 8 years. The key is that she knows I mean what I say.

I have often said I just don't have the patience to raise a brat. Sadly,some moms have more patience than I do and I think we all suffer for that.

I just got back from the supermarket after picking up a few items. As I walked down the first aisle,I encountered a mom with her 4 year old son who was already wiggling out of the cart. She tried to get him to sit down and as he did,he decided to become an ambulance siren. He made a loud Woowoowoowoowooo which made my head spin. The mom said nothing.

In an effort to quiet her son,she asked a store employee to go to the bakery and get her son some free cookies. The older gentleman walked briskly to the other side of the store. As I approached the middle of the store,I saw him handing the boy 3 cookies. He quieted down.

Nice lesson that boy taught his mom. Give me snacks or I will make enough noise to give you a migraine.

Who do you think is in control in that family??

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