Friday, May 05, 2006

Thank goodness for music

Today is a beautiful day. They say it could be in the 80's. All our windows are open and I guess I'm ready to start getting my chores done. After I feed the goats and milk the cows.....oh...never just looks like barnyard animals live here!

Actually,I have to stir fry my veggies and make chicken cutlets with lemon sauce for my weekend meals. Then I have to clean this messy place up before I leave at 2:15pm to walk up to school to get Lillianna.

After that,she has her formal recital pictures scheduled at 4pm. I will have to re-do what's left of her curls,get her in her costume and do her make-up before we head off to the dance studio.

I have my favorite country CD playing in our DVD player and now I will cook and clean to music. Wish me luck......I hate to clean!!

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