Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What's cookin' ?

Sixty cupcakes.....that's what! Tomorrow is Ocean Fest at Lillianna's school. The two second grade classes invite their parents to spend the day in school with them and they sing songs,put on a play and guide us through their ocean projects. I heard a rumor that there will be an ocean trivia game pitting the kids against the parents. I'm not sure that I know any facts about the ocean!

The parents were asked to fill out a form and volunteer to bring something for lunch. One of the suggestions was an ocean cake. I crossed that out and wrote that I would make cupcakes with a chocolate sea creature on each one. I have tons of chocolate molds with ocean things on them.

When the woman in charge of the lunch called me last week,she was thrilled to have me make these cupcakes. She said we will need 60: 30 for each lunch.
I made over 60 sea creatures on Monday;starfish,fish,sea horses,sand dollars,conch shells and clam shells. Today I am making funfetti cupcakes with blue frosting (you know,for the ocean!)and a special chocolate ocean pal on the top. This should be fun.

Last night,Rich painted a cutie pie penguin on my t-shirt to wear tomorrow. The teachers have already made t-shirts for each child and I wanted to participate too. I'm that kind of mom!

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