Monday, May 08, 2006

A trip to the gym

Well, I am on my way to the gym in our apartment complex. Someone is going to show me how to use the equipment in just 20 minutes. I have never gone to a gym before because I hate working out. I joined a gym years ago so that I could attend the step aerobics class but that's all I did. This will be "for real."

I took a weight lifting class in college but....well.....I didn't lift anything. Tony was the instructor and he was my roommate Kyra's boyfriend. Kyra and I dressed up in matching sweat suits,make-up and jewelry with our hair perfectly done and we walked like a princess to the gym. We listened to Tony talk for 5 minutes then we told him we were going to the student union for coffee and donuts.

Sometimes,out of guilt,we actually used the equipment for 5 minutes before leaving but many times,Kyra kissed Tony and before he could say no,we were gone. We both got an "A" in that class. It's not fair,I know,but she was sleeping with the teacher,afterall!

Today's trip to the gym isn't for a grade. It's to keep me healthy and to tone the wiggly skin from losing 46 pounds. I am hoping to lose another 30 pounds by my sister Kara's wedding in September. I just hope I can stay on the machines for more than 5 seconds without hating it.

(Update: I did the treadmill,bike and elliptical. I crunched my abs,strengthened my arms,biceps,triceps and something called latts??? I stretched my hamstrings and lifted weights. My legs feel like limp noodles. I can't wait to go back tomorrow!!!!)

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