Monday, February 14, 2005

The vanishing head-set

The other day I wrote that I had lost something. Well what I didn't want to say was that the "something" was a head-set for my cell phone that Kara bought me for Chanukah. I remember stuffing it into my pocket book as I got out of the car Thursday night after work.I haven't seen it since.

Since that time,I have pulled my car apart twice but I couldn't find it anywhere.I was really mad and frustrated because I knew Kara would be upset if I told her and plus, I love that head-set! Today I took another look in my car and still no head-set.

I went upstairs and made ice cream cone cupcakes for Lillianna.I will make walnut brownies for Rich after Lillianna's Brownie troop meeting. I wanted to make them something delicious for a Valentine's Day surprise. At 2:10pm I opened the back door of my car to put a tub of chocolate frosting in Lillianna's booster seat. That way she would know something was going on but not exactly what. I took one last look for my head-set and.....there it was! It was out in the open in between the front and back seat. I know it wasn't there the other 3 times I looked.{Now that I have found it,Rich wanted me to apologize for being in a grumpy mood the other night and taking it out on him so....Sorry Rich!!}

I hugged the head-set,looked up to the sky and said,"thank you." When I started the car, the radio came on and "Cross My Heart" by George Strait was playing. That was our wedding song! Hmmmm, someone was trying to tell me something. When I called Rich on his cell phone to tell him,all he said was,"And you're surprised?"
I don't know who is responsible for returning the head-set to me,but I am grateful that we always have help from "beyond."

Has this ever happened to you?

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