Friday, February 04, 2005

The surprise in my mailbox

Ok, well I knew it was on it's way to me but I was still surprised when I opened my mailbox and there it was; a little package.Suzanne McMinn is a romance author but she is also a writer for DotMoms. We had been emailing back and forth and I ended up going to her website and reading the first chapter of HER MAN TO REMEMBER. I loved it! Who doesn't like a good Silhouette romance book? I just enjoyed her writing,descriptive without being so boring I had to skip around for dialogue because I was falling asleep. I hate those kind of books but we have all read them.

I remember reading a book one time and for 3 pages the author decribed the scene. After one paragraph, I got it!I had been in the woods before. I knew what that entailed. I didn't need a description of each rock,flower and babbling brook. I have an imagination. Let me use it! The next few pages I had to skim over because my eyes began to roll in my head. Thank goodness, Suzanne doesn't write boring crap like that!

So, a few days ago, Suzanne said she had an extra book that she would send me. I was absolutely thrilled!! This wonderful book was my surprise today. Best of all, she autographed it! I wanted to ask her to autograph it but I didn't want to be a pain. I was happy just to have the book.What a great surprise for me especially since my day hadn't been too fantastic up to that point.

Go check out Suzanne's website by clicking on the links above and read the first chapter of HER MAN TO REMEMBER.

Thank you Suzanne!

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