Saturday, February 26, 2005

If you're not in the movie then stop saying the lines!!

I want to start off by saying I love Rich and Lillianna more than anything else in the world. That being said,they are two peas in a pod and they have the ability to drive me insane!!!!

When Rich and I first got together 11 years ago,I realized he had an amazing memory. He could watch a movie once and then recite many of the lines when it was over. But it never ended there.If we ever watch a movie that he has already seen,he talks along with the actors.It was cute at first but then it annoyed me!
Goodfellas is a nightmare to watch with him.The movie is long and I beg Rich not to talk along with it.Sometimes he takes a break and actually lets me enjoy it. Well, as much as I am able to enjoy a movie about the mafia.

Lillianna has her Daddy's special talent for remembering movies too. Last week I took her to see ARE WE THERE YET? As we drove out of the theater parking lot,Lillianna was already quoting the movie. "Here we go," I thought. I have listened to her recite her favorite lines all week!

This morning I went into work a little later than usual.I wasn't acutally on the schedule but I had planned to go in anyway. As I raced around doing last minute things,Rich and Lillianna sat side by side on the couch watching WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. The two of them talked right along with the movie. When it came time for each child to get an everlasting gobbstopper,Rich actually made the noise the machine makes. I was impressed and annoyed. I laughed and said,"I can't wait to get out of this house! You're driving me nuts!!"
I left them singing the oompa loompa song when Violet is being rolled down to the juicer to be squeezed.It was a relief to go to work.

Do you know anyone with the talent to memorize an entire movie? Does it drive you insane?

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