Thursday, February 10, 2005

Prince Charles and Camilla.....what a joke!

Come on now! Charles is marrying the woman he was cheating on Diana with and the world is giving him a thumbs up? I don't buy it. William and Harry are happy for their father? Why? He is a lying,cheating,back stabbing piece of royal rubbish. If he loved Camilla he should've married her before he married Diana. If Camilla had really and truly loved Charles she would've waited for him,not married the first man with 2 last names who walked her way.

My Dad and his friends used to have an expression for morons. They would've called Charles "a shmock with ear flaps!" Yup, that name seems to fit.
I was a huge Diana admirer and I think Camilla is a hag and I am happy she will never be loved as much as Diana was and always will be.

Do you have any opinion on the upcoming royal nuptials?

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