Thursday, February 10, 2005

My birthday surprise

My Mom has missed by birthday many times due to being in Florida.I wasn't surprised a few weeks ago when she said she'd be coming home on February 10th for a 10 day visit. Ahhh,so close. She would arrive one day after my birthday.
"I tried to get home for the 9th but there were no available flights,"she explained.
I just sighed. I should be used to it by now.

On a Sunday in January 1981,I arrived home at 7:30pm to find my friends yelling, "Surprise!!!!" I was stunned. My Mom ran across the living room to hug me. "Are you surprised?" she asked breathlessly. "Uhm,ya,since my birthday is in FEBRUARY!" I laughed. Mom explained,"But I'll be in Florida on your birthday so I threw the party now." Yup,that sure surprised me.

As of February 8th,my birthday plans consisted of me,Rich and Lillianna going out for Chinese food and then home to have strawberry whipped cream cake which I make every year. Kara said it was too "rushy" to come all this way after work and my friends Kristy and Jerry are in a group that meets every Wednesday night so they couldn't make it. I wasn't mad at anyone but I was disappointed.

Yesterday morning at 6:30am the phone rang. I figured it was someone wishing me a happy birthday and knowing I had to leave for work before 7am. It was Mom. She was at the airport in Florida and waiting for her flight. She would be home by 11am. Due to the snow storm warnings she changed her flight!Yay! My Mom would be here for my birthday! Suddenly I changed my plans.

As it turned out,after work I went to Kristy's house and we had lunch. She surprised me with cake and a plant.We had a lovely time chatting together.At dinner time I picked up Chinese food and brought it to my Mom's house and Kara met us there.We were together for my birthday after all! It was wonderful.

It's funny because the snow ended up being just rain.The warning was a false alarm but it got my Mom home for my birthday. I wonder if my Dad had a hand in this? If so, thanks,Daddy!! I got just what I wanted for my birthday this year!! My whole family was together.

What do you like to do on your birthday?

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