Thursday, February 10, 2005

BLTs are more complicated than you think

The other night I was feeling lazy so I figured I would whip up some BLTs for dinner. Lillianna is a fussy eater but she has been trying new foods lately. She agreed to try it so that the three of us could eat the same meal for once.
While I fixed our meal I realized that for a sandwich with just 3 ingredients (4 if you count the mayo)it was rather complicated. There were so many ways to eat it.

Rich likes his sandwich with a little lettuce,2 slices of tomato and lots of bacon, no mayonnaise! Lillianna decided that she preferred a BL with lots of lettuce,a little bit of bacon,no tomato and no mayonnaise.I gag at the thought of no mayonnaise. I would rather lick the desert.Wouldn't it be the same thing?
I like my BLT with lots of lettuce,2 slices of bacon,2 fat slices of tomato and tons of mayo on each piece of toast.

How do you like your BLT?

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