Friday, February 04, 2005

It's not a crime to be addicted

We all have our obsessions:some more than others. Some people drink alcohol excessively. I can't do that because after 2 drinks,I am asleep. Some people over eat. Ya,ok,I guess we know I have to confess to that one. Others gamble with money they need to pay their bills. I have never done that. I'm too responsible for that one.
So what is my addiction?
Lean in closer and I will whisper it to you....closer....closer....ok,I am totally addicted to Build-A-Bear Workshop(BABW).

Last year I took Lillianna to BABW and she built a dog that she named Kayleigh.Since we live in an apartment,Kayleigh is the best dog for our family.She never barks after hours and she doesn't shed at all.

There are so many outfits and accessories to choose from at BABW. I love them all, I mean Lillianna loves them all. Ya, that's what I meant.I let her pick out 2 new outfits last week:a diva outfit complete with headset and a red and white cheerleading outfit with pennant,megaphone and matching bows for Kayleigh's ears.Then I fell in love with a pink furry dog bed that I had to buy. Lillianna thinks she talked me into it but I didn't need much coaxing.

Friday I was shopping with my friend, Cheryl and we ended up at The Plaza which is the BABW that we go to. I had to go in and buy Kayleigh a Brownie Uniform to match Lillianna's Brownie sash. She was so surprised when she saw Kayleigh sitting in the back seat of the car wearing her Brownie uniform when I picked her up at school.

I just love Build-A-Bear. Have you taken your kids there yet?

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