Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just another reason to hate this school

I don't like the elementary school that Lillianna goes to. I do love her teacher this year,though. Miss L is the best teacher on this planet as far as I can figure but this school is just a nightmare for me.

One of my biggest complaints is about the drop off\pick up area. Last year my car got hit and of course Mrs.S,the principal never responded to the letter that I sent to her about this. She never seems to care about anything.I am not the only one who has complaints about her either.

Since the weather has been good recently,I have been walking Lillianna to and from school just about every day. In addition to this being a great way to exercise,Lillianna and I chat along the way and it's a lot of fun.It puts me in a good mood first thing in the morning. I like that.

This morning,after we crossed over the driveway where the parents drop off their kids,Mrs. S yelled from where she was standing at the beginning of the walkway which leads to the front door,

"MRS.PICCINI.....STOP WHERE YOU ARE!" With the tone of voice she was using,I thought her next line would be,"PUT DOWN THE GUN AND LET THE LITTLE GIRL GO FREE!" She did say something but I didn't hear her. I had stopped right where I was because I didn't know if something was wrong. I yelled back,"What did you say?" She repeated,"MRS.PICCINI....STOP WHERE YOU ARE AND LET LILLIANNA WALK THE REST OF THE WAY ALONE."

I thought it would be rude to yell back,"DON'T YOU F%^$#@ TELL ME HOW FAR TO WALK MY CHILD YOU PIECE OF SH--!!" So,I hugged and kissed Lillianna,told her to have a good day and walked away. I was pissed,though. It's not a congested area and I only walk Lillianna up to the beginning of the walkway where the teachers there greet each child with a huge smile and a "GOOD MORNING! How are you today??" I told one of the teachers that if he greeted me at work like that I would be guaranteed a wonderful day.

I was fuming on the way home. I hate this principal. What does she care if I walk my child to the walkway? I don't stand there for hours and block the way for the other children.

Rich and I have our parent/teacher conference tonight with Miss L. If I see Mrs.S,I am going to want to say something,I really am.

What would you do?

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