Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Ya,I guess that's not actually a word you'll find in the dictionary but I just made it up. If you couldn't tell,it's a new contraction for odd observations...oddservations.

While taking a walk before work this afternoon,I noticed two things that I would label oddservations.

1)I heard one man say to the other,"Ya,man....you just don't have to worry about that shit,you really don't!" The part that was odd was that they were walking out of the church! Aren't people supposed to be respectful in a church?

2)As I was walking down a side street,I saw 6 teenage boys approaching me. One was weaving up and down the sidewalk on his bike while they all laughed and talked to one another. Several of the boys had numerous piercings on their face:nose,ear,lip,eyebrow. As they got closer to me, I could hear that their conversation was peppered with lots of bad words. I guess that's typical of teenage boys,right? The odd part was that as they passed by me,they smelled like fabric softener. I felt like I fell into a box of BOUNCE!

Did you make any oddservations today?

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