Monday, April 17, 2006

Update my account? thank you!

I received an email last night from Chase Bank. The subject said,"Update your Account." Hmmm....I wasn't aware that I had an account with Chase.

The email said:
"You have received this email because you or someone had used your account from different locations.......we require that you confirm your banking information......if we do not receive appropriate account verification within 48 hours then we will assume this Chase Bank account is fraudulent and it will be suspended."

I clicked on the link and it went right to the Chase website. I looked on for an 800 number for Chase. I called it this morning. It was their mortgage branch. They checked their records and did not have me on any account with their company. They referred me to their abuse hotline.

Apparently,this email was sent out to customers as well as non customers. It's a phishing scam.
She gave me the email address to forward the email to the abuse department. She said it was a good thing I didn't give anyone my information. I told her I felt like this was a fraud but what really tipped me off was the typo at the end of the email. The word Department was spelled as Departament!! Rich said,"With all the money Chase Bank has,I am sure they have proofreaders for their emails!" So true. So true!!

Be careful out there folks! Never give out any information online!

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