Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's good to have friends

The other day,when Lillianna and I were walking to school,she was talking about her friend Hannah. Apparently,Hannah had worn a skirt the day before and when it was reading time,Miss L.told the kids they could lie on their stomach to read. Hannah just gave Lillianna a look that told her she wasn't going to be doing that while wearing a skirt.

One of their other skirt wearing friends was a bit braver but she asked Lillianna to check to see if her skirt was ok when she was lying down. Lillianna assured her that she was indeed just fine.

Lillianna said to me,"So that's why it's a good idea to have friends.....they can check your skirt to make sure nothing is showing."

I said,"When you get older,it's definitely a great idea to have friends to check more than if your skirt is where it should be." She looked at me in her curious way and I said,"Well,when a girl has her period and she is in school,she walks close to her friend,discreetly taps her on the leg and through clenched teeth,like a ventriloquist,says,"Check me. Check me." She then walks ahead of her friend so that she can check to see if her bulky pad is visible or if anything is leaking. That's why it's good to have friends!" Lillianna thought that was pretty funny.

Then I explained that all girls did that when I was in school and perhaps they still do. Of course now all products claim to be leak proof so maybe you don't need friends afterall?

Did you play the "Check me! Check me!" game when you were in school? Do you think girls still do that?

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