Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The empty closet

I'm not actually complaining that I have nothing to wear but it is rather odd.
As I have grown out of my old clothing,I have bagged it up and donated it. Every week something else gets taken out of my closet. This morning I tried on my beige cropped pants that I bought last summer. I walked over to the huge mirror in the dining room and my mouth dropped open. I looked like I was wearing clown pants.
In the bag they go!

Desperate for something to wear to work,I took the label off of the pants that I bought 3 or 4 years ago after I lost some weight that summer. Sadly,I only kept the weight off for one or two months and then gained back an extra billion pounds.

I also found a shirt from the same summer and voila...I have something to wear. There are 3 outfits that I love in that closet but I don't dare try them on. I know I will hear the circus theme playing in the background if I do. They are 3 sizes too big! They need to join my beige pants in the donation bag but I can't seem to let go of them. I know I will never be that size again so they can't stay in the closet but if I take them out, then my closet will almost be empty.

I bought a couple of new things recently and I love wearing them. It's fun to have clothes that fit. Mom said that when she comes home from Florida in a couple of weeks,she will take me shopping for some new clothes. She's very excited for me.

Well,I guess it's time to take my 3 outfits out of that closet. They are a part of my past but I don't need them anymore.

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