Tuesday, April 11, 2006

classmates.com.....I don't know about this

Rich wanted to become a gold member of classmates.com so that he could read the messages that his classmates have been sending him. I think it was like $50 for him to do this for one or two years, so I gave him my credit card and he signed up.

I had just been browsing my own high school and before I knew it,it submitted my name to a list. Then it said that I had a free membership for a month. Ok,fine,whatever. Everyone I want to connect with,I already know how to contact. I don't have any great love for the rest of them. I will be happy to see them at our 25th reunion this year,if I decide to go,but I don't have any desire to meet up with them before that time.

Our class president,Joe, is someone I was very good friends with in high school. He actually lives a few houses away from my aunt and I bumped into him 2 years ago when we went trick or treating in that neighborhood. So,classmates.com popped up and asked if I wanted to email him. Why the heck not? So I sent him a quick email asking about the reunion. I got a return message back saying,"If you want Joe to be able to read this email,sign up to be a gold member." Are you kidding me? I can't even email him one single email without signing up and paying another $50?

Then it said I could view my email that was sent to Joe. So I did. The message said that the email was sent but it wasn't paid for. Is this like sending a letter postage due? How humiliating. This is quite a little scam and I am not going back to that website for my class. I'll just wait til the damn reunion.

Are you a gold member of classmates.com?

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