Monday, April 10, 2006

911 operators should be fired!!

I couldn't believe it when I read this.

I actually heard the 911 call on the news and both operators were so unbelievably bitchy,I can't believe they still have a job. The disinterested,sarcastic and condescending tone they used when they answered the phone was disgusting. "911,What's your problem?" What's my problem? Are you serious? This is considered a greeting?
Why don't they just say,"911....F^&% YOU!" It's the same tone.

I work for a medical answering service and if we ever answered,"Dr.Hoopdedoo's office. What's your problem?" we'd be fired! We ask,"How may I help you?"
That gives the caller the impression that I care about them and I am willing to help them in any way that I can. That's what my job is.

I would think that a 911 operator would also be interested in helping someone who calls. I understand that people call 911 for stupid things:directions,the weather or medical questions but for goodness sake,there are many real callers out there who have an emergency! That can't be taken lightly.

The 5 year old boy clearly said,"My mother passed out." How stupid is the operator when she said,"Let me speak to her." Hello!!!!! Do you know what passed out means??
The mother can't talk. What kind of training did this idiot get before they let her answer a live call?

The worst part is,the boy's lawyer said that he believes each call was answered by a different operator. That means at least 2 freakin' morons are answering life threatening calls and blowing them off because they think it's a prank call. They both asked,"What's your problem?" when they answered the phone. Maybe they shouldn't work with people. They totally suck at this!!

I have told Lillianna that if G-d forbid I pass out or she thinks something is wrong with me,she should call 911 and immediately say,"My mother is a diabetic, and something is wrong." I pray,that if I am ever in that situation,the 911 operator will send help....immediately!

The lawyer is suing the operators but no amount of money will bring that little boy's mother back! His life is forever changed because 2 stupid,bitchy women didn't give a shit about a little boy who was trying to save his mother. In my mind,they caused her death and should be put in jail! The lawyer said they could tell by the autopsy that if the first 911 call had been answered,the mother would've lived.

What do you think the operators' punishment should be?

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