Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My very odd husband

I have seen a lot of funny posts with the title,"Ten things I hate about my husband." I guess that's just one of those topics going around. I don't actually hate anything about Rich but he is kind of odd.

Here are a few things that make me roll my eyes at him.

1. He refuses to put my Tupperware salad dressing containers in the kitchen drawer where they belong. Instead,he stacks them in the cabinet above the drawer with the drinking glasses. They always fall out because there is no room up there. No matter how many times I remind him,he never puts them in the drawer. Ya,he has control issues.

2. Whenever he goes to his friend Bill's house to plan a war game,he takes my car. Hey,that's fine with me,but he never puts the seat back to my position! I usually forget that he took my car so when I get in it the next morning,I find myself practically sitting in the back seat!! He pushes it too far back for me. I can't reach the pedals from that position.Lately,to add insult to injury,he leaves an empty candy wrapper in my car. Mess up your own car!

3. Lillianna and I went to Build a bear workshop with her Brownie troop on Monday. Rich insisted that we get a bear this time.Lillianna built a bunny. Now we have three dogs and one bunny. Rich can not come to terms with the fact that we have been to Build a BEAR and haven't once brought home a bear. Rich refers to the bunny as a bear which drives us both crazy!!

What odd thing does your husband do?

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