Monday, April 24, 2006

Should I allow a limo ride?

Lillianna is invited to her friend's birthday party this weekend. I just called to RSVP and I was asked if it would be ok if Lillianna rode in a limousine to get pizza. This was the birthday girl's request and the mom couldn't give her the pool party that she wanted so she is trying to plan the limo ride as a surprise.
Let's say *I* was very surprised.

Lillianna is still 16 pounds under the weight to be out of a booster seat in the car. I have allowed her to go without it when there has been a situation where it just wasn't possible to have her in the booster but I always worry about it. We don't think there are even seat belts in a limo and this leaves me with a problem.

Sure,Lillianna has been on a school bus which has no seat belts and the Disney shuttle and so forth but a limo is a car and it is definitely not a huge bus. I asked her how she felt and she said she wouldn't be comfortable in a limo without seat belts. I work Saturday night and Rich will be out all night waiting for recital tickets so I don't have the luxury of drivinig her back and forth to the pizza place.

I will know during the week whether there are seat belts in this limo or not. Then I have to make my decision. My first impulse is to say NO but I am sure I'm the only mom worried about this. Lillianna is my precious child and I don't want to make a dumb mistake just so she will fit in and be one of the girls. My heart is telling me no.

Would you let your young child ride in a limo without seat belts?

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