Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I hate the drop off/pick up circle at Lillianna's school. Parents in giant SUVs double and triple park when the area is made for single vehicles. The process should be that the parent pulls up to the walkway,the child gets out and the parent drives away.That's quite simple,isn't it? Well not the way these parents do it.

Many parents pull up to the walkway while another vehicle parks next to the first one blocking the way. Then the parents get out of their vehicle to help their child/children get out with their back packs which weigh more than they do. Then they get back in and drive away. This ties up everything!!

I get very frustrated with this procedure and people are quite nasty and impatient. This adds heat to an already volcanic situation.

So this morning,I had Lillianna and Allison in the car ready for drop off. (Allison is our 6 year old neighbor who comes to our house Monday and Tuesday mornings.) There were 2 SUVs ahead of me. The front vehicle was parked and the father got out,held up the one finger "just a minute" sign,and helped the kids out. The SUV right in front of me had already dropped his kids off and wanted to leave. Even though there were only 6 inches separating us,he backed up......and hit my car.

I had beeped as he came too close to my car but that didn't stop him. He got out of his car and said he was sorry and that it was only the front light that was damaged. I sat there,stunned. He immediately said he would pay for the repairs and that he'd prefer not to have it go through insurance. He said he owned the liquor store down the street and all I had to do was bring him the bill and he will pay it. I got his name and said,"ok." He drove away.

None of the teachers who were outside guiding the kids into school came over to see what had happened or if anyone was hurt. Nice! I was going to call the principal because she has to change the drop off/pick up procedure. It's chaotic and dangerous. Rich said it was a good thing a child hadn't been crossing in front of my car. They would've been crushed!

When I told my sister,Kara,about this she said not to call the principal because she won't change anything. Sadly,she is right. Knowing my personal experience with her and the stories I have heard from other moms,nothing will be done.

In kindergarten,when Lillianna's teacher made the kids get in a circle and stare at one student as a punishment,I was horrified. The teacher said,"This is a boy who wants attention. Let's all stare at him and give him what he wants." Lillianna was uncomfortable doing this and felt bad since this was a boy she knew from our apartment complex. When I had a meeting with the principal she said,"You should be so lucky you have Mrs. T. She almost didn't come back after maternity leave. You are very fortunate!" Hello!!!!!!! She had the class stare at a student. I don't feel lucky at all!Lillianna was horrified that she made her friend cry by staring at him.

So you see,calling the principal is not going to work and I will probably end up yelling at her. I think I will write a letter and just get this off my chest.

What would you do?

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