Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Congestion for two

Lillianna and I are both home sick today. I barely slept all night because I couldn't breathe.I still can't breathe through my nose,swallow or hear completely. My ears are blocked. I feel like I'm in a tunnel and people's voices seem to be very far away. Every so often I have a coughing fit which just exhausts me.

Lillianna is lethargic and keeps looking at me with her tired eyes and asking me to snuggle her. I know how she feels. I want my Mommy too! There's no chance of that. My mother won't come near us because she is going to Florida in a few days and she doesn't want to be sick. Neither do we!

So here we are,congested and cranky. I hope that by staying home from work tonight and tomorrow morning,that I will be better on Thursday. I can't afford to lose the money from not working but I do want to be well for Disney next week.

Lillianna just came in and announced she needs a nap. Sounds good to me. I can barely keep my eyes open.

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